Democrats Hold Response Press Conference & Hand Trump His Ass


A meeting in infrastructure between Congress and Donald Trump was planned for Wednesday morning, but that meeting was derailed when the president decided to demand that all investigations into his repeated obstruction of justice attempts end before he’ll work with Congress.

In a surprise speech in the Rose Garden, Trump insisted that he went into the meeting in “good faith,” but statements made by Pelosi immediately prior to the meeting that Trump is involved in a “cover-up” changed his mind. Pre-printed signs and fliers about the Mueller investigation during his impromptu speech show that this is a lie.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) responded to Trump’s claims following his speech. Both noted that Trump never intended to work with them on infrastructure and pointed to those pre-printed signs and fliers as proof, as well as the dozens of tweets Trump has issued in the past 24 hours regarding the “witch hunt” that has resulted in numerous indictments, arrests, and guilty pleas.

In the end, Pelosi said that she’s praying for the country going forward.

‘I pray for the president of the United States. I pray for the United States of America.’

Trump’s repeated efforts to stop Congress from taking up the investigation, which was the direction that Special Counsel Robert Mueller suggested the investigation be taken, have resulted in stalled progress and accusations of a cover-up. Trump responded to that accusation by saying that he doesn’t “do cover-ups” despite significant evidence that he paid off mistresses in 2016 using illegal campaign donations, which is nothing but a cover-up by the president and shows that he’s willing to do just about anything, even if it’s illegal, to keep unflattering information about him from the public.

Trump also used his commons strategy of bringing up a history with investigators to undermine their credibility. With Robert Mueller, he repeatedly insisted that he was compromised by an old dispute over golf fees (which was debunked) and Mueller’s fury after he was denied the position of FBI director by Trump (which he never interviewed for). With Jerry Nadler, Trump says his motivation is failed attempts to fight Trump in New York on real estate laws. This is no more relevant now than it was with Mueller.

For the full response by Pelosi and Schumer, see video below.

Featured image screenshot via Twitter