Dem Coalition Calls Out Trump For Harassing Americans Like Master Trolls


For a man who relishes representing the image of the tough guy, Donald Trump sure does spend a lot of time whining. On Thursday, the Democratic Coalition reminded Trump that bullies don’t get to whine about harassment.

The man who repeatedly insists on investigating anyone who calls out his corruption, makes up schoolyard bully nicknames for his opponents (Crazy Bernie, Creepy Joe Biden, Pocahontas, Lyin’ Ted, and Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd, to name just a few), and lobs accusations at everyone on his Twitter account doesn’t get to complain about harassment and call it “hitting back.” It’s not hitting back, it’s childish and far below the dignity of the office to which the Electoral College elected him.

Meanwhile, his numerous policy attacks on women, LGBTQ Americans, the poor, and the black community go beyond the “harassment” Trump whines about and has serious implications for the lives of American citizens.

Trump’s complaints fall on deaf ears. When a person breaks the law, no matter what office that person may or may not hold, they should be held accountable. That’s the job of Congress when the person in question is the president, and Trump’s attempts to cover up his wrongdoings only make him look all the more guilty. He made this bed, so he doesn’t get to complain now that he has to lay on it.

Twitter was in full agreement that Trump’s whining about harassment is a study in irony. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube