Obama Tweets Inspiring Message For America While Trump Melts Down


At times, the contrast between former President Barack Obama and the White House’s current occupant Donald Trump couldn’t be more striking. This week, Obama visited the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy, a center for local kids that’s affiliated with a D.C. baseball team that provides grounds for sporting activities and academic support as well. Kids participating at the facility were surprised by his visit, The Washington Post shares.

Obama shared on Twitter the following day in reflection:

‘Great to get out there and take a few cuts at the plate yesterday—I had a blast with all these extraordinary young people. Thanks for letting me drop in and thanks to the Nationals Youth Academy for the outstanding work you do to support youth in DC.’

Just for a moment imagine if Donald Trump was the type to pay kids at a community-sponsored academic support and activities center a visit and offer them words of encouragement. What a different world that would be.

He told those he visited:

‘If you work hard and listen to your coaches… I’m going be on the lookout for you. You’re going to do something important. You’re going to make a real difference, and we’re going to be proud of you.’

The Obamas have remained living in Washington, D.C., following their departure from the White House, and they’ve at times been squarely in the public spotlight despite their lack of active official titles. Former First Lady Michelle Obama has been carrying out multiple legs of a global book tour in support of her memoir Becoming, which has been estimated as possibly the best-selling memoir ever, with some ten million copies and counting sold. There’s a memoir in the works from Barack, too, and if sales of Michelle’s book are any indication, the public in America and around the world definitely want more of the Obamas.

President Donald Trump has been reported to have already been privately mulling over a post-White House book, but there are lots of lingering issues for him and those on the other side to face first, to put it lightly. On the same day Obama paid a surprise encouraging visit to kids in D.C., Trump staged what might have been a pre-planned meltdown, storming out of a meeting with Democratic leaders after just three minutes and conducting an abruptly called, heated press conference at which he parroted some of his most infamous outlandish talking points centering on himself as supposedly one of if not the greatest president in history — his words, not an exaggeration.

Check out Twitter’s response below. Spoiler alert: people miss him.

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