Pelosi’s Daughter Brutally Fact-Checks Trump’s Edited Video Of Her Mom


This week, yet another round of manipulative, lie-based scare tactics dropped from the Trump camp when videos of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) spread across social media that had been altered to make the prominent Democrat appear to be struggling to speak because of drunkenness or something of the sort. Her daughter Christine, who maintains her own public profile as an activist, has now responded to the videos, asserting that her mom doesn’t even drink alcohol despite the implications of the heavily edited footage.

She shared:

‘Republicans and their conservative allies have been pumping this despicable fake meme for years! Now they are caught. #FactCheck: Madam Speaker doesn’t even drink alcohol!’

The videos made it so high up the conservative food chain that presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani shared one of them, although he’s since deleted it and offered a garbled, sort-of apology in which he suggested that the real villain is still Pelosi since she supposedly really does have a speech problem and suggested President Donald Trump’s allies should stage an “intervention.”

She was responding at the time to some of the latest outlandish behavior from the president, who proclaimed to Democratic leaders including Pelosi on Wednesday that he would not seek to advance any bipartisan legislative pushes at all while House Democrats continue with their oversight and investigative efforts. He then stormed out of a previously scheduled meeting with Pelosi and others after just a few minutes and engaged in a heated press conference in the Rose Garden where he proclaimed himself one of the greatest presidents in history — his words, not an exaggeration.

The latest tension had boiled to the surface following Pelosi saying that Trump and his team are engaged in a “cover-up” after a Wednesday meeting with House Democrats about the possibility of impeaching him. He has flatly refused to comply with essentially all demands for information from House Democrats covering a range of topics from the Russia scandal to possible illegal behavior surrounding his personal finances. He told reporters at that angry Wednesday press conference that he doesn’t “do cover-ups” — although to be clear, while in office he did participate in a scheme to deliver hush money to women with whom he’d had affairs. Just saying.

Check out Twitter’s response to Christine Pelosi pointing out the nonsense below…

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