Trump Rages Out Of Bed Like A Maniac, Wails About Inevitable Demise On Twitter


Donald Trump has had a long week of defending himself against impeachment talk, and the fear in his rhetoric is only becoming more apparent. On Friday morning, Trump once again began his day spinning the Mueller report as an exoneration and trying to convince his supporters that it didn’t say exactly what it said.

Lindsey Graham certainly had a different view of what constitutes an impeachable offense when a Democrat was in office. Videos of his earlier words on President Bill Clinton are making the rounds and showing two things: that Graham is a partisan hack and that he’s been in his office for far too long.

Graham’s more recent statements also make clear what Trump’s strategy really is and proves Nancy Pelosi right. Trump is begging for impeachment because he knows that his sycophants in the Senate will back him and leave Democrats, as well as every Democrat with the ability to understand why Trump’s actions were not only illegal but unethical, with no recourse. It’s not time yet for an impeachment hearing; first, more evidence needs to be brought before the American public.

As for Mueller’s testimony, there’s a clear and logical reason it’s being requested, and that reason is spelled out in Trump’s tweet. The truth is that Trump was not exonerated and that the Mueller report did not conclude that he did nothing wrong. In order to get that message to the people from someone other than Democrats, as well as the actual, written report that Trump and his cronies are blatantly twisting, Mueller himself needs to say it and say it publicly. The fact that Trump is so afraid of Mueller’s testimony is just proof that he knows he’s lying.

Twitter is still not falling for Trump’s spin, no matter how many times he says it. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Michael Vadon under a Creative Commons license