WATCH: Lindsey Graham Goes Full Maniac During Fox Interview (VIDEO)


Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has a hypocrisy problem and it isn’t going away. On Friday, the ever-evolving Republican senator appeared on Fox & Friends to attack House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic party for saying some of the exact same things that Graham once said about Bill Clinton…and Donald Trump.

Graham responded to a press conference by Pelosi in which she said the Democrats are not on the road to impeachment (which is true because Pelosi leads the party and isn’t headed down that road) and that everything Trump has done is perfectly justifiable because of what Trump has “accomplished for this country.”

‘The Democrats are going to get him re-elected. I don’t think you can become a nominee of the Democratic Party without embracing impeachment. If you are a House member in the Democrat caucus you’re going to get a primary if you vote against impeachment, because the people who want to impeach this president have lost their mind and they’re driving the Democratic Party over an edge between what President Trump accomplished for this country and how crazy they have become, he’s going to get re-elected.’

That, however, is a pretty big about-face considering what Graham said the last time a president’s impeachment was discussed. At that time, the question was about Bill Clinton, a president who left the office with a budget surplus, and Graham fully supported his impeachment. Graham also once said that Trump was “a kook” and “unfit for office,” but today he insists that Democrats are crazy for saying the same thing.

‘The people she is in charge of lost their mind when it comes to Trump…Bob Mueller, remember that guy, the guy everybody trusted? He will be fair to the country, fair to the president. We got 400-something pages, Trump gave 1.4 million documents to the special counsel. His attorney, White House counsel, testified for 30 hours. His chief of staff went to testify in front of Mueller and he had, he answered written interrogatories. What did Donald Trump cover up regarding Mueller? Nothing.’

Graham also insisted that the person who can clear all of this up is Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who he insists will be “fair” to Trump. That’s in direct opposition to the president’s little rant on Thursday where he called the special counsel and his team “Mueller and his 18 killers.” Mueller has already been “fair” to Trump, saying that he would not exonerate the president and listing 10 separate incidences of obstruction of justice, which Graham once vehemently argued was enough to impeach a president.

‘Now, if he’s fighting back against a bunch of crazy people trying to destroy his life,” he continued, “that is not covering anything up. The House Judiciary Committee is trying to retry the Mueller case. Mueller, to me, was the final word. They want to go through everything and do it all over again and get a different outcome. You’re not covering anything up when you’re fighting a bunch politicians trying to destroy you and your family. When it came time to cooperate with an independent man of the law, President Trump never claimed executive privilege.’


Featured image screenshot via YouTube