Team Biden Issues Sunday Roasting Of Trump & Donald Is Raging Online


There’s a strategy for dealing with Donald Trump that interviewers figured out long before he ever became president. As radio shock jock Howard Stern explained in a recent interview, he always made sure to flatter Trump when he appeared on his show, referring to him as “Mr. Trump.” As long as he stroked Trump’s fragile ego, he could get him to do and say just about anything.

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Apparently, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un figured this out long ago. He’s also discovering that lobbing insults at Trump’s enemies will win him favor with this U.S. president, as it is just as flattering to Trump as giving him compliments. Previous leaders were not as easily swayed.

ABC News reports that:

‘The president, who spent Sunday morning playing golf with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, went on to say he has confidence that Kim will “keep his promise” to not launch any missiles and thinks Kim’s recent insult against presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden — calling him a “low-IQ individual,” the same language Trump himself has used — is a “signal” to him. He also spelled Biden’s name incorrectly — as “Bidan” — in an initial tweet, before correcting it and resending.’

Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign team called out that alarming tweet by Trump, noting that while Trump criticized Biden’s IQ, he couldn’t even spell his name correctly, but noted that the tweet had much larger problems. Trump’s endless criticism of Obama’s administration failed to note that he didn’t cater to the world’s strongmen, and that he certainly wasn’t as easy to manipulate as the current president is.

‘I would say the tweet speaks for itself, but it’s so unhinged and erratic that I’m not sure anyone could even say that with a straight face…The spelling error was not the main problem with the first one.’

It hasn’t just been reporters or Biden’s campaign team who were astonished by Trump’s continued siding with Kim Jong Un in his insults against the former Vice President and Senator. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded to the criticism on Meet the Press with her standard dishonest defense.

The Daily Beast summed up that defense by saying:

‘Sanders insisted that the president “doesn’t need somebody else to give him” an assessment of the former vice-president as he’s given it numerous times already before calling the Obama administration a failure on North Korea.’

If those “failures” included not falling for meaningless flattery or engaging in insult fests against American citizens, Trump has certainly corrected that. Unfortunately for America, the president is taking the wrong approach to dealing with the world’s greatest threats.

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