Trump Tweets Memorial Day Message & Gets Destroyed In The Comments


It is almost as if Donald Trump is two people. There is the irrational, emotional, prolific POTUS tweeter. Then, there is the presidential POTUS tweeter who remembers the solemn respect we show our fallen on Memorial Day. The president in all likelihood does not have multiple personalities or a doppelgänger, and this is probably is going on with him.

After a series of his early morning tweet rants, this beautifully prepared tribute to soldiers who gave their lives for American values ran. The video tweet was professionally prepared and entitled “LAND OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE.” Other than the unusual use of bold words, this tweet did not look at all like something Trump would have done:

Then, there was a second similar Memorial Day 2019 tribute tweet. The still shot was the first page of the video. It appears as if the president has had a secret tweeter with access to his account, especially given how different these were from POTUS’ typical tweets:

Trump may not feel the same reverence for the soldiers who died for our country. He had four educational deferments and one deferment for bone spurs. In other words, his father bought him a way to skip Vietnam, and another person went in his place.

The mind of a con man works differently from that of a normal person. The con would have seen those who died as chumps for not figuring a way to avoid the military. Nevermind that many went out of patriotic duty. Take Special Counsel Robert Mueller III for example. He had a bad knee that kicked him out. Instead of taking his 4-F rating and running, Mueller had surgery. Then, he went back and enlisted. He was a hero, Trump was a con man.

Twitter world went nuts. Check out our favorites below: