Trump Speaks At Air Force Graduation – Makes A Fool Of Himself In Seconds


The day after it was revealed that Trump’s administration requested that the USS John McCain be covered up and the crew be given the day off while Donald Trump visited Japan, Trump spoke at the graduation ceremony of the U.S. Air Force Academy. How he showed his face there is anyone’s guess, but it must be noted that Trump’s lack of shame is extraordinary.

For once, Trump did stay on script and didn’t veer off into rants about Mueller’s Wednesday press conference, the “fake news” media who covered it, or how unfair everyone is to him. He didn’t even mention poll numbers or how many votes he got in 2016. It was a more restrained speech than the public is used to from the bombastic president, so perhaps a small kernel of shame is present somewhere.

According to The Denver Post:

‘The president stayed largely focused on the graduation in the half hour speech, congratulating specific cadets, outlining the different places they’ll serve after graduation and continuing the tradition of pardoning those still “serving restrictions and confinements.”

‘“Only the best survive until the very end and under the majestic peaks of the Rockies. … You have proven yourselves worthy of the bars that will soon adorn your uniforms,” Trump said.’

Trump did, of course, make sure to mention that he’s a better president than Obama, although he was just a bit more subtle about it than usual. An understanding of global geopolitics is weak, as far as Trump is concerned, and his simple mind sums everything up with simple, cliched speeches.

‘When he did touch on politics, it was in broad strokes. The president talked about military spending and the challenges the Air Force Academy graduates may face.

‘“No longer are we sacrificing American interests to any foreign power,” Trump said. “We don’t do that anymore.”’

Trump also made quite a big deal of offering to stay to shake each graduate’s hand after the ceremony, which was nice of him. Somehow, though, he still doesn’t understand why that won’t replace housing and food assistance for veterans when they return home from war, nor will he ever acknowledge that his golf trips, border wall spending, and tax cuts for the wealthy could be put to those uses.

Instead, Trump spent his second visit to Colorado preening and boasting of how he loves the military while never acknowledging that his military spending makes him look big, but does little to raise military wages or provide for them after war.

‘It’s Trump’s first visit to Colorado since the Republican’s 2016 election, but the second visit by a Trump family member this month. Ivanka Trump, an adviser to her father, was scheduled to visit Lockheed Martin in early May to highlight workforce development efforts. Instead, she met with first responders after the fatal shooting at STEM School in nearby Highlands Ranch on May 7.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube