World-Ending Bombshell Ruins Roger Stone’s Day In Court


Everything Donald Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever is a book by Rick Wilson. That title is appropriate here because POTUS has left a score of people in his wake as he coasts through the former special counsel Robert Mueller III’s report. It gets worse.

Even though the courts named our commander-in-chief a non-indicted co-defender in a Southern District New York (SDNY) case, former Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen went to jail. Trump went to Mar-a-Lago. Another one of Trump’s loyal friends is in court now fighting for his life outside prison bars.

The Buzzfeed News journalist Zoe Tillman was at the courthouse where long-time friend and adviser Roger Stone was on trial. She tweeted that former House Intelligence Committee chair Representative Devin Nunes (R-NY) gave “the entire Stone transcript” to Mueller with “no restrictions:”

‘Jackson notes that former House Intel chair Devin Nunes gave Mueller’s office the entire Stone transcript and told them he was doing so with “no restrictions.” Buschel says that doesn’t mean they could indict for perjury. Jackson: “They gave it to a prosecutor.”‘

The problem with that is Stone’s attorneys have made a case based upon “a separation of powers problem.”

At the beginning of the trial, Tillman said Judge Amy Berman Jackson heard Stone’s motions. A couple of those challenged the prosecution regarding “Mueller-related objections:”

‘Judge Amy Berman Jackson has taken the bench for Roger Stone’s motions hearing — Stone has multiple pending motions, several challenging the prosecution based on Mueller-related objections. Stay tuned.’

Next, Stone’s defensive team argued that there was “a separation of powers problem.” Tillman tweeted that the judge “presses Stone’s atty (attorney) Robert Bushel for legal authority to support it, but the attorney could not:

‘The judge starts with Stone’s arg that there’s a separation of powers problem b/c Congress didn’t make a formal referral re: allegations that he lied. Jackson presses Stone’s atty Robert Buschel for legal authority for that. Buschel acknowledges he couldn’t find a specific case.’

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