Trump Pal Calls In To Talk Radio Show To Dish The Dirt On Donald


On Friday, former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly called into the Bernie and Sid radio show to discuss what happens when one serial sexual abuser calls another serial sexual abuser to complain about how unfairly serial sexual abusers are treated in the political world.

O’Reilly, who was fired from Fox News after it was revealed that he routinely sexually harassed his female co-workers, called in to repeat the exact same false stories Trump has told about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “conflicts” in investigating Trump.

‘Trump says Mueller doesn’t like him because he turned him down to be the head of the FBI after he fired Comey. The president says that Mueller lobbied for the job and Trump turned him down.’

That story has been denied by Trump’s own aides, including Steve Bannon, who says that Mueller met with White House officials at their request following Comey’s firing to discuss reformations Trump wanted to make in the FBI.

More laughably, O’Reilly recounted Trump’s claim that Mueller hates him and had a conflicting agenda in the investigation because he had been lying in wait for a couple of decades to get revenge over golf fees.

‘He wouldn’t give him his deposit back for a country club membership that Trump owned and Mueller was moving, and Mueller wanted $15,000 back and Trump said no.’

Despite Trump’s own appointed aides warning him that this was an absurd claim to make publicly, Trump has done so many times and O’Reilly recounted it without laughing. Of course, Trump was there for his fellow sexual harasser to defend him when he was exposed, so O’Reilly owes him one.

For O’Reilly’s full statements on the morning radio show, if you can stomach them, see video below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube