Donald Gets Humiliated In Front Of The World During White Tie U.K. Affair


Despite Trump’s abhorrent behavior during his last visit to the UK, when he ignored Royal etiquette and walked in front of the Queen, nearly tripping her in the process, for some reason he was invited again — and this time, he was also invited to the State banquet at Buckingham Palace.

Now, no one has ever called Trump a “fashionista,” well except maybe Trump himself, so you can imagine that he might look pretty ridiculous when he meets the Queen tonight for dinner. What he actually chose to wear tonight to this highly publicized banquet that the entire world is watching was nothing short of spectacular, and we say that in the most sarcastic way possible.

The man is a total embarrassment in every sense of the word, so it’s no surprise that this photo of him all dressed up and sinched in, with his buttons on the verge of popping off and hitting the poor Queen in the nose if he even dared to breathe, went viral.

Poor Donald already knows he will never measure up to President Obama so of course, there was a clever comparison shot of the two to remind him. Yes… see if you can “spot the difference.”

We know that as a rule, the Royal Family are strongly advised not to use social media, but we really do hope Queen Elizabeth II gets a peek at the response on Twitter, because it’s hilarious!! One has to wonder if he was invited to wear his formal white tie attire because everyone knew he would look ridiculous? We doubt that’s the reason, but the reaction is super entertaining, nonetheless.

The Queen looks like she’s either silently begging for help, or giggling internally at the fact that the photos of Donny are sure to go viral. We’re not sure which — it could be both?

Regardless, we’re just super happy that there’s been no news of his buttons becoming projectiles, sparking an international incident. Poor QEII. We hope she survives the evening.

Featured image via Twitter.