Trump Brutally Mocked During London Visit & John McCain Is Involved


Mr. Trump made a state visit to London on Monday where he made his way to Buckingham Palace to greet Queen Elizabeth II and members of the royal family. The president, however, was not greeted very warmly by London in general.

After Trump’s huge debacle with the USS John S. McCain warship, the Brits were ready with the mockery. What Trump found when he arrived in London was a huge baseball cap projected on to Madame Tussaud’s with the words “USS John S McCain.”

Last week, it was first reported that the White House had asked the U.S. Navy to make sure the USS John S. McCain would be out of sight while Trump visited troops in stationed in Japan.

The president said though that he “didn’t know anything about” the decision to obscure the ship, but he defended their decision as “well-meaning.”

Mr. Trump and the late Senator John S. McCain clashed while he was in Congress and he still continues to criticize him nearly a year after his death from brain cancer.

Over 250,000 people are expected to turn out for protests against Trump in central London on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for “Stand up to Trump” told ABC News:

‘On 4 June thousands of protesters will be marching to surround Trump as he joins Theresa May on a visit most believe should never have happened. We will be bringing central London to a standstill. By the time he leaves he will know, and the world will know, that people here reject him and his toxic politics.’

Here’s what Twitter had to say:


Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube