CNN Fact-Checks Trump’s Claims That Protest Coverage Is Fake News


Donald Trump’s world is filled with enemies. He considers himself at war with the mayor of London, his former opponent in the 2016 presidential campaign Hillary Clinton, journalist and White House correspondent for CNN Jim Acosta, freshman Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and 24 new Democrats running against him 2020. Now, he has a new enemy.

POTUS claimed that there were thousands of people filling the London streets cheering for him and waving American flags. The real question is: does the president of these United States actually believe what he was saying, or was he trying to cast a spell on the whole world to get them to believe him?

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Perhaps, the problem was an additional tens of thousands of new enemies just powered Trump’s brain down. He said that there were “tremendous crowds of well-wishers” greeting him in London. He must have missed the Baby Donald blimp and the robotic statue of him sitting on a golden toilet while tweeting and spitting out some of his favorite phrases.

When Trump spoke of the throngs of people endorsing him, the crowds were rather sparse. Twenty of his supporters were trapped in a pub after incidents with anti-Trump protesters, according to Newsweek.

During the commander-in-chief’s first trip to London, a quarter of a million protesters marched in London. According to a protest organized by the Stop Trump Coalition, about 40,000 people demonstrated against the U.S. president on this visit, despite a light rain.

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The U.K. scheduled 10,000 police officers to man the streets for Trump’s visit. The cost ran to about $30 million U.S. dollars. London Metropolitan Police released a statement informing the protesters to stay away from Downing Street. Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May held a joint press conference there.

The protesters were in colorful clothing and holding balloons with an orange baby on them. They met in Trafalgar Square carrying signs that read “I am awfully British, you’re just awful” and “Trump for prison.”

The ones who organized the Trump Baby blimp wrote in The Independent that the balloon “sends a clear, orange, message.” The message was 45 was not welcome in Great Britain.

The Trump on toilet robot was tied to a website “Dump Trump.” U.S. science writer and expert on dinosaurs Don Lessen spent $25,000 building the robotic sculpture of Trump. The robot was programmed to say “witch hunt,” “fake news,” and “no collusion.” It also made fart sounds.

Leader of the Labour opposition party, Jeremy Corbyn, addressed the crowd of anti-Trump protesters. He refused to attend a dinner in honor of Donald Trump held by Queen Elizabeth II. The Green Party’s leader Caroline Lucas spoke to the crowd, too. She said that the reason the American president was not worthy of respect was that he said climate change was a hoax:

‘This is a man who is not worthy of our respect. He thinks climate change is a hoax. We will resist his efforts to take a wrecking ball to the climate change agreement.’