Crazy Woman Stabs Trump Baby Balloon At U.K. Protests


Trumpsters love to say that liberals are the snowflakes, offended by everything and always crying. On Tuesday, a Trump troll in London showed who the real snowflakes are.

Amy Dalla Mura, a far-right personality in the UK who goes by Based Amy, filmed herself approaching the infamous Trump baby balloon and saying “I’m going in.” After she popped the balloon and protesters turned to look at her, she began yelling.

‘That’s a disgrace! It’s a national disgrace! The president of the United States is the best president ever!’

She then proceeded to walk away, bragging about popping the balloon to the camera. She proudly showed off her hand, which she had gauged in the process of stabbing the balloon, and grinned in triumph. She apparently thinks the Austin Powers movies are still very much in vogue as she strutted through the street saying “yeah, baby” and telling people she had popped the balloon. She seemed quite pleased with herself…for a moment.

‘You better go check out…I think Donald Trump’s balloon is not very well.’

Mura’s tune changed quickly when the police approached her. She began yelling, “don’t touch me!” and complaining about her phone. She cried like an injured beast when she was handcuffed as if she were being beaten. She wasn’t. She was being handcuffed.

‘Hey, America, help me! They’re assaulting me!’

Someone should let her know that Trump doesn’t pay his supporters’ legal fees even after promising to do so, and he’s called for harsher police violence.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube