Trump Brags On Twitter About Court Ruling & Gets Fact-Checked In The Comments


People at Donald Trump’s Florida resort Mar-a-Lago know the way to his heart is to call him “king.” Since he took office, POTUS has been trying to expand the rights of the Executive Branch by mowing over the House of Representatives. There was no problem when the Republicans owned both the House and the Senate. Now, the president has a big problem.

According to a court ruling, the Sierra Club, which is an environmental group, cannot sue the Pentagon because it wanted to redirect its funds to build Trump’s memorial wall. Trump’s people asked for an emergency court order to allow the Pentagon to spend part of its budget on sections of the border wall located in Texas and Arizona. Trump gloated via tweet:

‘Just had a big victory in Federal Court over the Democrats in the House on the desperately needed Border Wall. A big step in the right direction. Wall is under construction!’

A federal California judge blocked POTUS from declaring a national emergency in order to circumvent the House of Representatives. The House has always been responsible for the purse strings. A president has never been able to manipulate those funds before.

First though, he declared a national emergency. Then, that let him “tap the military’s counter-drug budget” and direct it toward the border wall, according to NBC News:

‘(W(all projects in Yuma and El Paso. The judge agreed with the Sierra Club and other environmental groups, who said in a lawsuit that the construction would produce environmental harm and would amount to spending money without the required approval by Congress.’

A California judge said no, but Trump appealed to the┬áNinth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. Trump’s Department of Justice (DOJ) said that if the courts did not hurry up and decide, the president would not be able to access the money. The court said he had enough time to appeal to the Supreme Court if the court of appeals decided by June 17.

The lawsuit from the Sierra Club got into trouble though, because a judge said:

‘(T)he Pentagon has the authority to transfer funds from one program to another within its budget and because there’s no right for private parties to sue over such reprogramming decisions.’

Twitter world went nuts over this Trump tweet. Check out some of our favorites below: