Trump Embarrasses Americans During Press Conference With Theresa May


Donald Trump has traveled overseas again, which means that the endless shame Americans feel at their representation will become all the more acute. A president who uses press conferences meant for discussing future policy and combined efforts to improve the lives of constituents to attack detractors and rant about approval ratings is humiliating, and Trump managed to do both of those things while lying and bragging all at the same time.

Trump answered questions about the thousands of protestors by minimizing their presence and lying about their motives. Although thousands of people are gathered in Trafalgar Square to protest Trump’s visit, he insists that many were gathered to cheer him on, and those are people with the best interest of England at heart. Those who don’t like him were somehow paid off or are being used as political pawns. He simply cannot handle the idea that people in England, among whom Trump has an approval rating of 21 percent, do not like him or agree with his divisive, xenophobic, misogynistic policies.

‘It was a very, very small group of people put in for political reasons.’

The protestors have gathered for two days in a row to express their disapproval. The same country that gave President Obama a 72 percent approval rating simply does not care for Trump, and the comparison between Trump and Obama has to be driving the president crazy.

CNN reports:

‘The day’s main rally will begin in Trafalgar Square at 11 a.m (6 a.m. ET), with protesters heading towards Downing Street to voice their displeasure at Trump’s welcome in the UK, though they will not be allowed to march along Whitehall past the entrance of Downing Street.

‘Aside from the blimp, the protest will also feature a 16-foot robot version of Trump sitting on the toilet and tweeting, which has already been wheeled into position.’

Perhaps most laughable among Trump’s ridiculous statements during the press conference were Trump’s criticisms of London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn. Trump had the audacity to criticize them for being “negative forces” after they disagreed with Trump’s policies and pointed out his adherence to fascist ideals. The president who uses his Twitter account to routinely attack anyone who dares criticize him – Gold Star families, war heroes, members of Congress, Saturday Night Live cast members, and talk show hosts – is upset about “negativity.”

Trump also bragged that he has a 94 percent approval rating with Republicans (while his approval rating overall is under water) and that he’s set some kind of approval rating record in his first two years. That’s simply not true. George W. Bush holds the record for the highest approval rating by any president in modern history with 90 percent overall, not just among Republicans, following the events of September 11, 2001. His approval rating with Republicans alone at that time was far higher than 94 percent.

‘I have a 94 percent approval rating with Republicans. That’s an all-time record.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube