Trump Jr. Brags Online About Free UK Vacation & Gets Eaten Alive Instantly


The whole extended ‘royal’ Trump family had a free first-class vacation on the Americans’ dime. There were the usual actors: Donald Trump, Melania Trump, daughter Ivanka Trump, and son-in-law Jared Kushner. This time though, Donald Trump Jr. and Erik Trump showed up. Even the black sheep sister showed up. There were more:

Don Jr. tweeted that Buckingham Palace was “truly unforgettable” then proceded to chastise Prime Minister Theresa May over Brexit. The Brits were not pleased with his sense of entitlement and questioned why he was even there:

‘Buckingham Palace… an incredible experience with Her Majesty The Queen. Truly unforgettable.’

The White House reporter for CBS News tweeted:

‘The White House hasn’t really offered an explanation for why the president’s adult children who don’t work in the administration are on this state visit.’

The BBC reported that the president arrived with an incredible amount of support:

‘He’s brought planes, helicopters, a full fleet of cars, and about 1,000 staff members. The president’s also brought his family along for the ride – with his wife Melania and four adult children in London at the moment.’

Eric Trump tweeted before the royal dinner:

‘Looking forward to visiting Buckingham Palace for the first time. The U.K. is a very special place (for so many reasons) and it is an honor for our family to be hosted by Her Majesty.’

The whole Trump clan watched as their father held a press conference with Prime Minister May. POTUS said that his children would go with him to tour Churchill War Rooms and maybe on to Normandy.

Only the youngest son, Barron, remained home. Author of The Trumps: Three Generations That Built An Empire author Gwenda Blair told The New York Times:

‘He’s surrounding himself with his family in this kind of certainly royal family, prince-and-princesses way. Just as traditionally crowned heads surrounded themselves with their progeny, he has surrounded himself with his progeny.’

Six of the president’s 28 guests were moved away from Melania Trump. The House chamber where she was included:

‘(A) television, chocolates, tissues and White House aides. The newly available seats were then given to two Tennesseans whose sentences had been cut short by Mr. Trump under a criminal justice overhaul effort that his son-in-law pushed for, and to three of the president’s adult children and two of their spouses.’

POTUS told the first lady to squeeze everyone into their box:

‘In the box that day were Ivanka Trump and Mr. Kushner; Tiffany Trump; Eric Trump and his wife, Lara Trump; and Donald Trump Jr. (Donald Jr., a popular Republican surrogate, had offered to get a seat from one of the members of Congress he is close with instead, officials said.) Among those whose seats were gone was Aubrey Reichard-Eline, the mother of Grace Eline, a 10-year-old cancer survivor who was invited because she works to help other children fight the disease. The man accompanying Joshua Trump, a sixth grader who is not a relative but who was invited because he had been bullied at school over his last name, was also moved down the hall.’

Twitter world had a field day with Donald Trump Jr. inviting himself to Buckingham Palace. Check out some of our favorites below: