2020 Trump Vs Democrat Texas Polls Released – GOP Enters Panic Mode


Donald Trump has been showing signs of his voters withdrawal. His 2020 campaign has been looking to other states to pick up in the next election. It was always obvious that POTUS could not win with just Republicans, because there are substantially more Democrats and independents across the nation. His TV attorney Rudy Giuliani has already hit up an Eastern European country for help. Then, there is always the big favorite: cheating.

The GOP has been fighting tooth-and-nail to keep Republican-favored areas through gerrymandering. Voter suppression has worked to the Republicans favor in the past, and Trump has done nothing to halt the Russians from hacking into our elections. Still, the president has been worried.


He has had a good reason. A new Quinnipiac Poll conducted by Quinnipiac University in Texas showed that in its own state with all of its electoral votes, Trump has not been doing well at all. In fact, he would lose to former Vice President Joe Biden (D) 44 to 48. It gets worse. All of the other top Democratic candidates would give the commander-in-chief a real run for his money:

‘New Quinnipiac poll of *Texas*: Biden 48 Trump 44 All other Dems are extremely competitive with Trump:’

It seems that the just-released by Quinnipiac Poll had some more very bad news for the president. The top seven contenders for the Democratic nomination in 2020 were all within the error of margin if the presidential election were held today.

When compared to Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Trump would have won 46 percentage points against her 45 percent. That would virtually be a neck-and-neck race.

Should Beto O’Rourke take the Democratic nomination, he would have come in with 45 percent of the vote to Trump’s 48 percent.

Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) would lose to Trump but only by two percentage points, 44-46.

Then, there was Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) up against Trump. The president could win if the poll were held today, but only 47 percent to Sanders’ 44 percent.

Senator Kamala Harris would take a full 43 percentage points against Donald Trump’s 47 points. Finally, former San Antonio Mayor and President Barack Obama cabinet secretary Julian Castro would also come within the margin of error, 43 percent to Trump’s 46 percent.

Biden still led the pack, but the gap in that lead has been becoming tighter and tighter compared to the other top seven Democrats. The former vice president would have led Trump by four points, whereas, the Democrats seven spots below Biden would have lost to the president only by four points.

Trump can easily lose in 2020, because he simply has not come through for the people in the middle of the country both geographically and financially. Farmers operate on a razor-thin margin, and this has been the wettest eight months in recorded history for some of them. Farmers simply cannot get their crops into the ground. They would sink their machinery into the mud.

Truck drivers have seen how Trump’s tax cuts have benefitted the wealthy but not the middle class. The White House eliminated some of the deductions people used to take, and they saw a far smaller tax return than they anticipated.

Should Trump lose Texas’s 38 electoral votes, that would shut the election down.