Ivanka Trump Gets Booed In Public & It Went Viral Fast


Donald Trump hauled his whole family over to London for a first-class vacation on the tax-payers’ dime. Bringing first daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner might have been appropriate given that they work in the White House. Yet, up popped Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, and even the black-sheep daughter Tiffany Trump. What was the point?

POTUS may have been thinking that his royal family was meeting Great Britain’s royal family. Certainly, MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Mattews’ host has referred to the Trumps as the Romanoffs. They were Russia’s last royal family before they were all murdered.

As Ivanka went to the joint press conference for the president and outgoing UK Prime Minister Theresa May, she was loudly booed. National Security John Bolton was at her side. The two left 10 Downing Street and walked across the street to where the press conference was being held.

Strangely, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade put an incredible spin on the situation Vox reported:

‘it’s not for Ivanka — it’s for John Bolton, and he loves it. He pretty much is looked at as somebody, as the tough guy in that administration. And he loves that label.’

Trump has had Fox News in his pocket all along, and the network has covered the 10-karat gold first family by spraying them with yellow journalism. The president would have had a hard enough time in London, because his approval rating hovered around 21 percent. He made it worse when twitter-attacked the mayor of London and true American royalty, Duchess Meghan Markle, Harry’s new wife.

Many questioned why all of the four children needed to come and trail after their father from event to event. After all, Ivanka has been the only one who has an office in the White House. Both Don Jr. and Eric have been running the Trump empire while the president has been otherwise preoccupied. Tiffany has rarely appeared with the family. She grew up in California and is a law student. Ivanka even tried to cut her out of the family fortune.

As soon as POTUS and May left 10 Downing Street and walked over to where they would meet with the press after they each gave a brief speech, the crowd certainly did not give them a standing ovation.

Trump’s handlers have done a rather amazing job of shielding him from anything they believe would upset him. They hid a huge warship, the U.S.S. John S. McCain, because the president continues to attack Senator John McCain (R-AZ). The senator died nearly a year ago.

The handlers also managed to hide a throng of anti-Trump protesters from the man who regularly sits in the Oval Office. At the press conference, Trump struggled to answer a policy-related question about Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).

The speech POTUS read before the questions began was embarrassing. He stumbled and hesitated, clearly indicating that he had not even bothered to read through it once before.

Fox News journalist John Roberts saved the president’s neck by sending him an easy question about Mexico. Trump gathered himself up and went tough on the imaginary “invasion.”