Bernie Sanders Unleashes The Antidote To Trump’s Fascism On D-Day


Reporters on the ground in London asked the protesters what they thought of Donald Trump. Granted, they were not there cheering the American president, but the word they used to describe him was a bit stunning. The said he was a “fascist.” We tend to think of fascism in the big lineup with communism, Naziism and anarchy — all bad actors.

Fascism holds the elements of “charism, nostalgia, anger (and) “a cultish leader.” according to The New Repubic. Fascism wants to “repress left-wing sentiment” and moves the working classes to violence. If Trumpism truly is fascism, then he is eons away from his 2020 presidential opponent Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). The New Republic told us a little more detail about fascism:

‘The danger of fascism lies in its ability to coopt legitimate resentments resulting from inequality and refashion them as hostility towards outsiders. ‘

On the other hand, the Vermont Senator Sanders has spent a lifetime of working to bring a quality of life to each individual in this country. Although his detractors call him a socialist, the independent senator is really a democratic socialist — big difference. Know anyone who has Medicare health insurance? That has been one of the best examples of democratic socialism. On D-Day, Sanders tweeted about what it really means, liberating “Nazi-occupied Europe from Hitler’s tyranny:”

’75 years ago, American and Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy to liberate Nazi-occupied Europe from Hitler’s tyranny. Today we honor their bravery and sacrifice which changed the course of the world. #DDay75thAnniversary’

Bernie Sanders is a passionate man with a life of serving left to live. He not only campaigns for himself, but he also campaigned for his opponent Secretary Hillary Clinton in 2016. In the meantime, he has crisscrossed the country spreading his support and energy.

Twitter world went crazy over Bernie Sanders. Check out some of our favorite responses below: