BREAKING: Giuliani Makes Resignation Announcement – Trump Blindsided


The president has had some very unfortunate luck since announcing his candidacy for the Oval Office seat. All of his skeletons have been hung out to dry, and we’re talking some seriously dirty skeletons. For anyone else at any other time in history, these revelations would have stopped a person from becoming president, but in modern-day Jerry Springer-style America, Trump was an instant hit with the half of the country who decided to drop out of high school.

Since taking office, Trump has experienced the biggest staffer turnover rate of any president in history, and every time someone leaves his team, it makes national news. Which is almost weekly.

Now, a major part of Trump’s team announces that they are leaving the president too.

Rudy Giuliani has completely ruined his post-9/11 reputation by backing the president’s delinquency at every turn, but he has apparently reached the limit of what even he will do.

According to The Washington Examiner:

“he’s [giuliani] working on legal issues on Trump’s behalf before the U.S. attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York and the New York attorney general’s office, where prosecutors are reviewing evidence generated by Mueller.”

“As with the Mueller probe, Giuliani believes there would be a point where it becomes clear that non-congressional legal fallout is over.”

“When that happens, he intends to end his representation of Trump, saying he would “probably not” remain his personal attorney. If asked by Trump to continue, however, he said it’s possible he would remain. “Depends on if I’m needed,” he said.”

Giuliani says that, after leaving Trump, he will continue doing “what I am doing now: security analysis and consulting all over the world and legal cases I am interested in.”

And being a fraud of course.