Draft-Dodger Trump Talks Dead Soldiers On Twitter – Hysteria Ensues


The president has zero shame. We know that from the countless times he has humiliated himself without even the slightest hint of embarrassment. He has no filter, and may not even be listening to himself speak. At this point, the president’s words have become a jumbled mess of misspellings and covfefe.

So when the president has a staffer write an official message for a holiday or special occasion, America gets a glimpse of what we had when Obama was in office; a thoughtful, literate person running the country.

Trump did just that today when he had someone type up a D-Day tweet from him. One thing he didn’t count on, however, was the large dose of irony that would come with it.

You see, it’s not every day that a draft-dodging socialite says words like this without a heaping spoonful of hate thrown back their way, so why would he think he could get away with it:

People immediately went ballistic over the blatant cowardice. These are the best comments that were left on Trump’s tweet: