Eric & Don Jr. Caught Bar-Hopping On Taxpayer-Paid U.K. Vacation


It is no surprise by now that the Trump’s, particularly Donald, like to mingle with fans of their brand on the American taxpayer’s dime — from the endless golf days and off-the-record events with who knows who at Trump’s numerous Mar-a-Largo resorts around the world.

Even when Trump is to be taking care of business, as he currently makes his rounds around the United Kingdom, he and his family seem to know no bounds to their endless spending.

Last night, Eric and Don Trump Jr. took selfies and videos of their booze-induced night out prior to today’s 75th anniversary of D-Day; when northern France was invaded by beach in Normandy on June 6th, 1944.

In the above video, Eric is heard saying when asked how many pints he has poured, “A couple. But I haven’t been drinking them, I’ve just been passing them off. I promise.”

Per Daily Mail’s reporting, it is worth noting that the Trumps’ stop at the pub in Ireland wasn’t on-the-fly. Trump owns a golf course in the town of Doonberg, where his sons can be seen above pouring drinks for patrons, cheering with their own drinks, and cheesing out for photo ops.

The Trump UK visit this far has caused controversy; London greeted the American president with a massive protest which included a giant Trump baby blimp, chants and song, and endless placards which spelled out Londoner’s distaste for the off-the-rails POTUS.

‘Unlike the protests that greeted Trump in London this week, there were no inflatable blimps depicting him as a baby or large statues of him sitting on a golden lavatory, trousers around his ankles, when the president visited the tiny Irish village.

‘Instead Doonbeg’s residents decked the streets in American flags and stars and stripes bunting, crediting Trump with securing their livelihoods when in 2014 he bought the nearby golf resort where he will spend the next two nights.’

New York Times

The trip to the UK may not be what it is intended for, as speculation has swirled online that the overseas trip is a stunt meant to garner up attention for Trump’s resorts and golf clubs. When asked about policy issues, Donald Trump seems to lack intelligence on the subject all together, or it could just be that something else is on his mind.

When a reporter who was there from the BBC got the chance for a quick question as Eric was outside, Trump was asked if this outing was on the American taxpayer. He said, in part, before running into a pub called Madigan’s:

‘We’re just trying to have a good time.’

Check out here tweet below.

Maybe the Trump’s will do us all a big favor and just stay in Ireland? *Crosses fingers*

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.