Trump Makes Thursday Night National Emergency Declaration


What in the hell is wrong with the president? Why is he so hell-bent on using the country’s laws for his petty benefit? Why does he wage childish name-calling attacks on civilians who express distain for him? Why is his skin so damned thin that he can’t swallow his pride even once?

Now, the tyrant is at it again, deciding Thursday that he is likely going to declare a national emergency in order to force vast tariffs on the entire nation of Mexico.

Why does this warrant a national emergency, you may be asking. Well, it doesn’t. Like, at all.


Trump’s reasoning for doing this is total selfishness. He is angry that Mexico “allows” people from South America to migrate up and into the United States via their country.

A document viewed by The Hill states that:

“the failure of the Government of Mexico to take effective action to reduce the mass migration of aliens illegally crossing into the United States through Mexico.”

Trump has already declared a national emergency in February over the refugees at the border, but that turned out to be a whole lot of nothing, as most people expected. The document also states that nothing is set in stone yet, but that Trump didn’t think he would be able to put tariffs on Mexico over February’s national emergency.

If Trump did this, it would be yet another nail in the coffin of his presidency.

The idea came about in a closed-door meeting earlier this week between Trump’s White House lawyers and the Justice Department. The draft document continues:

“The United States Government has repeatedly asked the Government of Mexico to take responsibility and help reduce this mass migration. Yet the Government of Mexico has failed to take sufficient action to alleviate this problem, has allowed this mass incursion to increase, and has failed to secure its own southern border.”

Thursday evening, Sarah Sanders confirmed that the tariffs would be happening, saying that their, “position has not changed, and we are still moving forward with tariffs at this time.”