Trump Tweets Pre-Dawn D-Day Message That Gets Real Patriots Fuming Mad


He or she who has the best weapons wins the wars. The U.S. had the better guns. Then, our nation had the nuclear bomb technology. Yet, in the new war, the Russians vicious attack on the United States, people appear to be frozen in place, the government and the citizens. Part of the reason is that Donald Trump refuses to entertain the idea that the Russians hit us in our very homes with their technology. President Vladimir Putin has crept into the very foundations of our democracy with a jackhammer. Did Putin select our president using their technology?

The Brits call POTUS a “fascist,” and he is. The other reason our great nation remains frozen to their attack is that it was invisible. D Day celebrates something tangible. The country we live in has a magnificent ability to innovate. We can bring each person into the effort. Last year, Trump did not go to the D Day celebration of the memory of so many who died, because he did not want to get his hair mussed. Still, this year he went:

‘#DDay75thAnniversary #DDay75′

Of course, the president ripped the media:

‘“The President has received glowing reviews from the British Media. Here at home, not so much. MSNBC Ramps up hateful coverage and promotes conspiracy theories during Trump’s trip to Europe.” @seanhannity The good news is that @maddow is dying in the ratings, along with @CNN!’

Yet, he got caught up in the celebration of D Day:

‘A big and beautiful day today!’

People could see his mood improve as the tweets went by:

‘Heading over to Normandy to celebrate some of the bravest that ever lived. We are eternally grateful! #DDay75thAnniversary #DDay75′

Hopefully, he will bring something of D Day home beside the parades:


Twitter world stood at attention, calling Trump to reality. Check out some of our favorites below: