Judge Makes Surprise Comey Memo Ruling – Trump Goes Fully Nuts


After it was announced that the Mueller report was finished, Attorney General William Barr announced that a redacted version would be provided to Congress and received much deserving criticism. Barr defended his summary of the report which left out critical details.

Now, in light of that redacted report and in a further pursuit to find out the truth about the president, a federal judge has ruled in favor of CNN that the FBI must release some redacted versions of former FBI Director James Comey’s memos of his conversations with Mr. Trump.

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According to MSN News:

‘James E. Boasberg of the District Court for the District of Columbia ruled the redactions must be released in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought against the FBI by CNN, saying that the agency’s publication of redacted memos on its website and the conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report led him to his decision.’

In 2018, Boasberg ruled that the Comey memos would remain redacted amid the Mueller investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. According to MSN:

‘CNN’s request surrounds memos Comey wrote following several conversations with the president.’

Former FBI Director Comey said that he wrote the memos out of fear that Trump would attempt to mischaracterize their meetings.

MSN reported:

‘Friday’s ruling deals with a batch of several redactions from the memos, choosing to order the release of some and allowing the government to keep secret some others.’

Judge Boasberg specifically ruled that one batch of memos, which concerns a conversation that Trump had with former national security adviser Michael Flynn, be partially unredacted.

The FBI said that the relationships with other countries could be affected if the exchange was unredacted.

Here’s what the Twitter world had to say:

According to MSN:

‘Comey’s memos regarding Flynn have been significant in the past, as they revealed that Trump asked Comey to halt the FBI’s in’vestigation into the then-national security adviser, a move several observers have said could have obstructed justice.’

Also, the judge ordered that another conversation between Comey and Trump regarding Egypt’s president be partially redacted. However, he did allow a redaction containing “a reference about the President’s observation about responding to a question he was asked about Russian President Putin” to remain secret.

According to The New York Times last April:

‘The redacted and declassified memos — running 15 pages in total, and sent to Congress from the Justice Department on Thursday night — detail a series of phone calls and encounters between the two men in the months leading up to Mr. Comey’s firing. They offer an extraordinary look at the private interactions among leaders at the highest levels of government.’

Just as he responded to the Mueller report, Trump responded to those memos claiming that there was “no collusion and no obstruction.” However, the Comey memos have been increasingly seen as a significant window into Trump’s presidency and what really may have taken place.

The memos were originally believed to be evidence in a possible obstruction of justice case investigated by Mueller. It will be interesting to see how the rest of this unfolds with Congress.

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