Obama Tweets About Va. Beach Shooting & Trump Goes Full Jealous


Barack Obama will go down in history for being one of the most iconic presidents in the nation’s history. His ability to make Americans feel safe with just a simple tweet is remarkable in the constant Trump state we live in. Donald Trump hates everything about Obama. He hates that he’s black, he hates that he’s beloved, and he hates that his legacy will live on forever.

Obama is everything a real president should be. He mourns with the country during every single tragedy. And his presidency has lived on via his Twitter account, where he regularly addresses the nation to do what Trump simply can’t.

Be real.

Obama just tweeted the following about gun violence, and it has Republicans furious for all kinds of reasons:

People immediately reminisced about the luxury of living under an Obama leadership and gushed about the former president in the comment thread of the tweet. Below are some of the best responses to Obama.