World Leaders Sign D-Day Proclamation & What Trump Did Has People Pissed


Why is Donald Trump such an attention-seeking hot mess express? Typically, a person learns in early childhood not to act this way, but apparently, Trump’s obliviousness goes back pretty far because he still seems unscathed by the constant cringe-worthiness of his actions.

Just yesterday, leaders from around the world joined to sign a D-Day Proclamation paying respects to the people who fought on the beaches of Normandy, France.

Every leader signed the bottom of the document, except for one, that is.

Guess who?

Donald Trump had to distinguish himself from every other leader as well as assert his dominance by signing the very top of the page.

Check out an image of that document below via Axios:

The responses to that tweet were just what you’d expect. We saved the best ones for you below: