D.C. Circuit Court Rules On Mueller Report Unsealing (DETAILS)


While the country awaits in suspense over what exactly will happen surrounding the Mueller report into Russian collusion with the United States 2016 presidential election and his recent, extremely rare live television appearance, there is news today regarding Robert Mueller coming from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

The court has ordered for the release of previously-sealed documents involving a legal battle between a foreign company and Robert Mueller himself. Previously, the mystery company was only made public as “Corporation A” in court filings. The actual situation itself has been referred to as “re: Grand Jury Subpoena.”

Previously, the company had resisted a grand jury subpoena filed by Mueller’s office.

The deadline to file was set for June 21 by a three-judge panel. In addition, the have ordered that the United States government submit proposed redactions of the transcript of one of the proceedings no later than July 12.

The judges rejected a request for the unknown company name to be revealed; a request made by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, who sought the documents in the first place. The request was made on April 1, 2019 and in part reads:

‘Given the historical significance and overwhelming public interest in the Mueller report, the Reporters Committee is urging the Court to exercise its authority to allow those portions of the report that consist of grand jury material to be released to the public.

‘The calls for transparency are broad and bipartisan. The president himself has said the report should be made public. We agree. The public is entitled to see as much of the Mueller report, unredacted, as possible.’


Regardless of the denial made by the court to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, the documents still could reveal new details about this secret battle between the foreign entity and Robert Mueller.

According to the rebellious company, they feel they are immune from Mueller’s subpoena under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and insist that if they were to comply, they’d be in violation of domestic law. Regardless of this, several courts have ruled against this mentality and the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals previously upheld a contempt order against them.

Even though Mueller announced about a week ago that his investigation has concluded and his gig as special counsel ended last month, his grand jury is still hard at work. Just last week they heard testimony from Roger Stone associate Andrew Miller. Miller had previously resisted appearing before the grand jury for 12 months.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.