Eric & Don Jr Caught Ripping Off Small Business Owner


The Trumps are very generous with other people’s money, but are known for skipping out on their own bills. Donald Trump routinely stiffed contractors and laborers during his time as a real estate “mogul,” and it seems he’s passed that trait on to his sons.

During the Trump family’s recent taxpayer-funded vacation in Europe, which every member of the Trump family attended including spouses and adult children who aren’t in government, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump went to a pub crawl in Ireland, generously ordering drinks for the entire bar and even pouring them for patrons. When they left, however, they didn’t pay the tab. It remains unpaid today.

The Daily Beast reports:

‘When Donald Trump’s sons Eric and Donald, Jr. went on their Irish pub crawl last week and offered free rounds for the house, they failed to pay the tab, according to at least one pub owner.’

The pub’s owner says she was understanding at first, assuming that the president’s sons don’t carry cash, but wouldn’t two such wealthy men have credit cards, or traveler’s checks, or any form of payment on them during travel? Perhaps they expected the American taxpayers to cover their bar expenses, as well?

‘Caroline Kennedy, the owner of Igoe bar in Doonbeg, where Trump owns a golf course, told The Daily Beast that she wasn’t worried at first when they skipped out on the tab because she assumed someone would follow up and pay her and other pub owners in the village. “That didn’t happen right away,” she said. “So I sent a bill to the Trump golf course.”’

Kennedy says everyone was very friendly to the Trumps and that she personally invited them inside, but their exit left her with a large, unpaid bill. She’s sent a bill to the Trump golf resort in Ireland, but has yet to receive payment.

‘Kennedy told several local news outlets that the president’s sons were “lovely and down to earth” but did not have any cash on them when they left her establishment. “I said, ‘Come on lads you have to come in and pull a drink’ so they did,” Kennedy said. “They thanked everyone for their support and for coming out to meet them and said there was a drink for everyone in the house and it was their small gesture.”’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube