Memo On House Intelligence Hearings Next Week Has GOP In A Tizzy


Republicans in the Trump era have completely lost their minds. This is not new, nor a recent revelation. Next week – newly revealed memos show – Trump loyalist Republicans are taking their thin skins to a whole new level.

After Mueller’s rare appearance a week ago, the mystery man left more questions than he did answers and Democrats and the majority of the American public want answers.

It was revealed by multiple news outlets yesterday, including CNN, that next week the House Intelligence Committee will hold a hearing on Robert Mueller’s report on Russian election interference, sure to provide all the red meat that Democrats (and the nation) can eat. And, yes: the hearing will be public.

Per CNN:

‘The hearing will include two former FBI officials as witnesses: Stephanie Douglas and Robert Anderson, who are both former senior FBI officials. Neither worked on the special counsel investigation itself.’

Volume II of the Mueller report is said to be receiving a close examination in an effort to clear up “counterintelligence implications.” This hearing is just one of many planned for the coming weeks. Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler is over it.

‘No one is above the law. While the White House continues to cover up and stonewall, and to prevent the American people from knowing the truth, we will continue to move forward with our investigation.’

This, expectedly, has Republicans ticked off. They feel there is ‘nothing to see here,’ and have been recklessly trying to spin and downplay Mueller’s report and his public appearance as a nothing-burger.

If you’ve read the report and have been paying attention, Robert Mueller made it crystal clear that the President of the United States obstructed justice, however, Congress is to uphold the rule of law. The Mueller report, at the end of the day, was like a passing of facts. Facts meant to inspire action. Now that Congress is ramping up their efforts, Republicans are trying to assert strange house rules.

Check out this memo. On Twitter, Politico reporter who covers Congress, Kyle Cheney, states:

‘Republicans intend to try to block Democrats from saying mean-spirited things about President Trump on Monday during their hearing on obstruction of justice.’

It is interesting that suddenly Republicans are again blaring that Decorum horn. Where exactly does this loyalty stem from? It’s almost as if they forgot how fraudulent this ‘Republican’ president truly is. Check out this unearthed video of Trump ripping on Republicans (how he truly feels, I’m sure) back in 2012, after he made the announcement that he would not run:

Manual of decorum cite:


Kyle Cheney adds that there is only way around the ridiculous house rule: Impeachment hearings.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.