Trump Posts Psycho Weekend Tweet In ALL CAPS Like A Total Moron


After nine days of Republicans refusing to back the president’s proposed tariffs on Mexico, Trump finally backed down, announcing in a tweet on Friday night that an “agreement” had been reached. On Saturday morning, he began complaining about the “reviews.”

No one is completely clear on all of the details of this “agreement” yet, so there are no “reviews,” and this isn’t a reality television show where good and bad ratings will determine its fate. However, if all of the mainstream news outlets really were saying that this is a bad agreement, there would only be good “reviews” from right-wing outlets like Fox News and Breitbart. That’s never a good sign.

What’s actually being reported isn’t “reviews,” but facts about the agreement and how it was reached. The New York Times reports that:

‘The president’s threat that he would impose potentially crippling tariffs on the United States’ largest trading partner and one of its closest allies brought both countries to the brink of an economic and diplomatic crisis — only to be yanked back from the precipice nine days later. The threat had rattled companies across North America, including automakers and agricultural firms, which have built supply chains across Mexico, the United States and Canada.’

All of that is true. Trump had no party support and the American public was already opposed to more tariffs, since it isn’t the countries Trump wants to punish that will be paying for them. Unfortunately for the president, not all Americans are as misinformed as his Fox News-watching voting base.

Twitter isn’t falling for Trump’s empty promises and temper tantrums. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license