Kushner Busted With $90 Million Dollars From Source In Cayman Islands


Jared Kushner is shady as hell. Even Trump’s administration has given clues about this.

In news that will likely surprise no one, sneaky man-boy Jared Kushner has again been busted for his dealings with foreign sources; to the tune of $90 million. To make the news even more juicy, it’s being reported by some that the venture was even funded partially by Saudi Arabia.

The Guardian has reported that Kushner’s involvement with a real estate company, which he partially owned, has racked in the cash since he first began work at the White House.

The company, Cadre, is based overseas and is described by Guardian as an “opaque offshore vehicle.” Not surprising that the company is being described as opaque, should we expect anything else from a shady dealing with Kushner?

To make matters even more suspicious, Cadre is located in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman’s are known as being a hot bed for questionable corporate ties, due to it’s tax leniency.

Per The Guardian:

‘The names of the foreigners investing in Cadre via Goldman Sachs are not disclosed by the companies, which are not required to make the information public. Two sources familiar with the firm said much of the money came to the Cayman Islands vehicle from a second offshore tax haven, while some came from Saudi Arabia.’

This latest revelation only further-complicates the Trump’s (and Kushner’s) conflicts of interests since Kushner’s father-in-law is the President of the United States.

The Guardian also reports that while Kushner did reduce his ownership stake to less than 25 percent since 2017, he did fail to list Carde on his first ethics disclosure. Like all oopsies with this administration, Kushner claims the boo-boo as an “inadvertent oversight,” adding that he is not “actively involved in the company’s operations.”

Sources with The Guardian add that that most of the money came to Carde from a different offshore “tax haven” and that some of the money, according to reporting, had come from Saudi Arabia.

When both the White House and Abbe Lowell (a Kushner attorney) were asked about the company and Kushner’s dealings, neither offered any type of comment. Nor did people over at Carde.

If you’d like to dig deeper, you can view the company’s securities filing here.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.