Republican Loudmouth Jim Jordan Gets Owned, Hearing Erupts In Laughter


Republican representatives in Congress just love to spend their time, during anything regarding their beloved president, attempting to one-up anyone who challenges his actions.

Typically, it is Democrats who they try and shoot down and delegitimize. Today Rep. Jim Jordan may have met his match in John Dean. Not too long ago, when Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney and “bulldog” appeared before Congress, Jordan made headlines for his temperament and bizarre line of questioning by way of accusations. Jordan is still living in the shadows of the Ohio State sex abuse drama, which will likely follow him through his entire career and be his ultimate, unfortunate, legacy.

Today, however, it was John Dean, who the House has on Capitol Hill in regards to the Mueller Report.

Jim Jordan, the Hill’s resident Republican loudmouth made a complete ass out of himself during an attempted barrage, which surely he felt he was winning. The result was a fast-thought out response from John Dean which resulted in an eruption of laughter from those in the room.

Here is the moment that drew LOL’s:

Jordan: ‘There was this. We are witnessing Trump’s massive cover up of his criminal behavior as POTUS. You know who wrote that?

‘When you said the president of the United States was incapable of doing anything, were you thinking about the embassy in Jerusalem?’

Dean: ‘I think that under the parliamentary rules of the house, I’m refrained from addressing a full answer to your question.’

The House Judiciary Committee, as of the writing of this piece, are still actively holding their hearing, three hours later from when it began at 2:00 pm ET. This week, they are holding numerous hearings related to Trump and the Mueller report. You can view the full schedule by clicking here.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.