Sarah Sanders Trash-Talks Biden, Blames Him For Russia In Belligerent Rant


Donald Trump has been tearing down our intelligence community, our institutions, and our traditions. He has gone after our Judicial branch, our Legislative branch, and has been screwing the Executive branch into a double-decker pretzel. He is blatant in many of his attacks, so when he slips in changes out of sight, people have a hard time recognizing them. This is how he does it.

Sanders’ job has been to pass on the president’s lies, spiced with a few of her own. As she stood in the driveway to the White House, she was enraged, something she has become quite accomplished at doing.

The White House press room has literally been gathering dust for lack of use (and cleaning). That showed the president’s total disrespect for the media. Instead, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders holds “press gaggles.” They happen on the drives around the White House on the run practically with no chance of follow-up questions.

Reporters asked her how the president reacted to Biden saying he was an “existential threat.” Sanders responded according to Twitter:

“I’m sure Biden has a lot of questions he needs to answer himself.’

Trump’s press secretary also said that Biden “allowed Russia to interfere” in the 2016 presidential election:

‘(Biden was) part of the administration that allowed Russia to interfere in our election… they allowed China to continue to grow.’

Anchor and reporter for conservative OANN, Stephanie Myers, tweeted:

‘White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders speaks during press gaggle @PressSec: “It’s a sad day when Mexico and the Mexican government are doing more than Democrats to secure the southern border.”‘

Then, the conservative anchor continued:

@PressSec: “The border is being completely overrun and we have to see something dramatically change,” before saying they believe the Trump administration is on the right path.’

As Myers wrapped her tweeting up, she repeated former vice president Joe Biden’s comment, calling Trump a threat to the country’s very core, an “existential threat:”

‘When asked about Joe Biden campaigning in Iowa today since Pres. @realDonaldTrump will be there as well, @PressSec says, “I’m sure Biden has a lot of questions he needs to answer himself.” Biden reportedly plans to call Pres. Trump an “existential threat.”‘

Editor at ThinkProgress Aaron Ruper tweeted that Sanders commented to Fox & Friends:

‘Asked on Fox & Friends about the purported secret immigration deal Trump has been touting, Sarah Sanders punts, says, “look, I’m not going to get ahead of President Trump or the president of Mexico in making further announcements.”‘

Biden intends to appeal to people’s emotions with his own about Trump’s “crude language” and “embarrassing behavior,” according to CBS News:

‘What are you going to do when your kids start tweeting like Trump and say, “Well, the president did it.’

The former vice president will say this in his speech:

‘How many sleepless nights do you think Trump has had over what he’s doing to America’s farmers? Here’s the answer: Just as many as he had when he stiffed the construction workers and electricians and plumbers who built his hotels and casinos. Zero.’

Biden will also relate to Target cashiers:

‘(C)ashiers at Target … know more about economics than Trump.’

Biden will talk about climate change, too. He will criticize Trump comments on the subject:

‘If he was just another rich guy sitting in his gold-plated apartment in Manhattan tweeting about how those pointy-headed scientists don’t know anything, it wouldn’t matter — but he’s president.’