Trump Brutally Attacks Joe Biden On His Way To Iowa Tuesday


President Trump is traveling to Iowa today, so naturally, he has Joe Biden on his mind. Biden actually has nothing to do with Iowa, but the president is so obsessed with winning the 2020 election that he has already taken to social media and any camera in his vicinity to drag his competitors through the mud.

Trump fights dirty, that’s something we already know, and it’s also likely one of the reasons he was elected in 2016. Every time he would say something appalling, his base would roar even louder, which only fed his disgusting ego.

This is what the alleged president said about Biden Tuesday:

“I think he’s the weakest mentally and I think Joe is weak mentally. The others have much more energy.”

Trump continued his attack:

“When a man has to mention my name 76 times in his speech, that means he’s in trouble. He’s a different guy. He acts different than he used to. He looks different than he used to. I’d rather run against, I think, Biden than anybody.”

That’s just funny. He would rather run against Biden than anyone. Is that because he knows he can use Biden’s questionable past against him, a tactic that would never work with someone like, say, Bernie Sanders?

That statement really speaks volumes.