Trump Gives Iowa Speech So Bizarre That Even Fox News Had To Cut Away


Donald Trump was in Iowa campaigning today, and while speaking at an event in Council Bluff, he started spouting off something so extraordinarily bizarre, that even Fox News had to scramble to cut away from it.

‘We secured nearly $1.2 billion to expand rural broadband, which you need very badly. You need very badly.

‘They have not treated the Midwest well with broadband, with anything having to do with the word computer. I look at some of those tractors and they don’t even hook up. They’re all set. But you don’t have the capability in terms of your infrastructure—’

At that point, Fox reporters interrupted saying:

‘All right, we’re going to talk with your panel about a lot of what the president’s been saying…’

At that point, the audio feed to Trump’s speech was cut, but the damage was already done.


Incidentally, tractors have had internet capability for years, and so does most of rural Iowa. What Trump did today was talk to the entire state as if they were a bunch of backward hillbillies. We really hope that any supporters he has left there understand what he truly thinks of them.

You can watch his full speech below:

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.