Trump Lies About Having Thin Skin & The Whole World Laughs At Him


If there’s anything that Donald Trump does better than anyone else, it’s outrage. The man who cannot handle criticism from Saturday Night Live or awards show hosts has inspired a giant baby balloon in England and is well known for his schoolyard bully insults against political opponents and allies who dare say anything negative about him.

On Tuesday during a press conference, Trump was asked if he would be insulted should President Xi Jinping of China should decide not to attend a planned meeting to discuss trade and tariffs, a scenario not so unlikely considering Trump’s endless misrepresentations and insults against the Chinese government. In a moment of complete un-self-awareness, Trump answered:

‘No, I’m never insulted. I’ve learned not to be insulted.’

Even some of the aides standing behind him had to laugh. Trump is notoriously thin-skinned, reportedly ranting and raving on long overseas trips about any critical news story or perceived slight. He’s threatened to shut down comedy sketch shows and late night comedy television because the hosts and guests just aren’t flattering enough of his bombastic style and endless gaffes and lies. No one is buying that he’s “learned not to be insulted.”

He also continued to push his false claim that billions of dollars are pouring into the U.S. Treasury despite repeated explanations that tariffs are not a tax paid by foreign countries to the U.S. government. They’re a cost of doing business overseas that is passed on to consumers and they don’t encourage businesses to come back to the U.S. American companies raise their own prices as a result of the inflated prices due to tariffs and, in the end, the only people paying more are the consumers.

Twitter was more than a little amused by Trump’s obvious lie. Read some of their comments below: