Almost A Dozen Cities Come Forward Claiming Trump Stiffed His Rally Bills


President Trump has long been known as a man who doesn’t like to pay his bills. Multiple contractors have filed lawsuits against the president for work they were stiffed on in regards to Trump’s real estate empire. Everyone knows Trump can afford to pay his bills. His problem is that he is greedy and doesn’t value anyone but himself.

So it comes as no surprise that ten states have spoken out against the president for doing the very same thing to them.

That’s right, the president of the United States left major unpaid tabs in almost a dozen states in which he held political rallies.

According to The Center For Public Integrity:

Lebanon Mayor Amy Brewer has this to say about the unpaid bill:

“There’s a lot of benefit when a president comes here: economic benefits, more visibility for our community. But I would hope and believe the Trump campaign would pay its bills. It’s our taxpayer dollars.”

The article continues:

Richard Myers, executive director of the Major Cities Chiefs Association and former police chief for several cities gave the following statement:

“The fiscal impact on local governments, especially during campaign seasons in critical vote states or communities, can be significant. When one considers how much money campaigns raise and spend, it does not seem unreasonable to expect some degree of reimbursement for such demands for service.”

And they’re just getting started:

The bills go as follows: