Trump Caught In White House-Sized Lie That He Can’t Weasel Out Of


Donald Trump is known for his fantastical lies. He unfolds great banners of fake poll numbers and crowd sizes. The president whips up mountains of fluffy agreements with Mexico and China. POTUS can even transform a respected Washington, D.C. attorney into a Roy Cohenesque attorney general. His latest lie may have been one of his best whoppers.

When the president was sitting with Poland’s President Andrzej Duda, Trump spoke to a gaggle of reporters in the White House. Then, our country’s commander-in-chief commanded a rare display of military jets flying over the White House. In a flood of media availability, Trump held another press conference in the Rose Garden afterward.

In the midst of all the performance entertainment, the U.S. president slipped in this 50-carat jewel of a lie. When the reporters gathered inside of the people’s house, Trump answered a question about former special counsel Robert Mueller III’s report on Russia’s profound cyber-attack on this nation.

Instead of preparing a defense against this act of war, 45 claimed that his 2016 presidential campaign really did not want or need the help of the Russians cyber-bombs.

‘It said no collusion and no obstruction and no nothing. And, in fact, it said we actually rebuffed… Russia, that we actually pushed them back, we rebuffed them.’

The report showed no example of anyone in the entire Trump campaign rebuffing anyone. Quite the contrary, the president and the president’s men welcomed the Russians with eagerly open arms.

The report stated that Trump’s presidential campaign “expected it would benefit electorally”  from Russia’s massive efforts to send negative Hillary Clinton internet ads and posts. The Russians reached “126 million” American citizens in their own homes, on their computers, laptops, and phones.

When Donald Trump Jr. was advised that the Russians wanted to come visiting and bring basketfuls of dirt on his dad’s presidential opponent, he was delighted. Don Jr. said he would “love” to have help damaging the Clinton campaign in any way possible.

Then, the president’s eldest son arranged a meeting for the group of Russians who had direct links to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Don Jr. invited his brother-in-law and top Trump adviser Jared Kushner and the man serving as campaign chair of the moment, Paul Manafort.

The Mueller report showed that Manafort owed an oligarch millions of dollars and agreed to what he believed would be a win-win deal for a Ukrainian with ties to the Russian equivalent of the U.S.’s CIA. In Russia, the intelligence community, oligarchs, and Putin are virtually inseparable.

The Ukrainian national, Konstantin Kilimnik met with Manafort at the height of the campaign. That was when the Trump campaign chair handed over internal campaign polling data to him. Kilimnik was to give the information to the Russian aluminum oligarch and good friend of Putin, Oleg Deripaska.

A surprising number of Russians showed up at Trump’s inauguration. Then virtually as soon as 45 was open for business, several Russians showed up in the Oval Office, a meeting that Trump tried to keep secret from the U.S. media. Fortunately, the Russian press was invited.