Trump Goes On Fox News – Refuses To Back Pence In 2024


This morning, likely in an attempt to stroke his own ego and make a last-ditch effort to hear some good news for the day, Donald Trump called up his pals at Fox & Friends for a bonkers 40+ minute phone “interview.”

The word interview is in quotations because the chat was more akin to a rant and ramble on all of the United State President’s current grievances, which he typically showcases when calling in to his favorite network. The president makes news almost every single time he calls in. It’s like that phone call you receive, once every year from that one certain, senile, distant uncle. But his “friends” with Fox love their crazy uncle and welcome the bizarre calls.

The main takeaway was that the current president is unsure whether or not he’d support his current vice president, Mike Pence, as a presidential frontrunner in 2024.

Ouch. After all that Pence has done for him, all of the awkward silence and blind, soulless inaction; it has come to this.

If you can bare it, you can check out the entire 50 minute video below.

Maybe all is not lost? The president did, at a point, state that he’s give the idea a “strong consideration,” repeating that 2024 is a long time from now.

‘You’re talking about a long time. You can’t put me in that position.’

I bet Mike Pence’ feelings are hurt. No one handles mixes signals well. Pence may also not be shocked, however. Trump has a long record of giving praise to those around him when it is convenient, only to turn on a dime with a slight shift of the wind. He hates “flippers,” but has a known track record of being one of the biggest flippers out there. Interesting, from a person who outright expresses that he “needs loyalty.”

From a kiss (see above) to this?

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.