Trump Unleashes AM Tweet As World Crumbles Around Him


President Donald Trump called in to Fox & Friends on the morning of his birthday to give an interview, and what an interview it was. There were no real hard-hitting questions and the hosts fawned over him for the entire nearly hour-long interview, but Trump cannot avoid tying himself into knots and saying jaw-droppingly crazy things.

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The first topic the hosts chose to cover was recent developments with Iran after an attack was reported on oil tankers in the Bay of Oman. Trump seems set on going to war with the Middle Eastern country, and insisted for once that the State Department is correct to blame Iran. He only agrees with his State Department during times when they say what he wants them to, because he certainly wouldn’t agree that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections or that Iran had not violated the deal they made with President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry.

‘Iran did do it. You know they did it…Obama made a deal that was an outrage…they can’t have nuclear weapons. They know they can’t have nuclear weapons now…they’re a nation of terror. They’ve changed a lot under me. They’re in deep, deep trouble.’

Trump also said that he will meet with Iran whenever they’re ready, although he tweeted that he wasn’t ready just 24 hours ago. He also insisted that the Iranian government was having a wonderful time bombing everyone, but now they’ve pulled back because they’re afraid of him.

Screen-Shot-2019-06-14-at-8.34.10-AM Trump Unleashes AM Tweet As World Crumbles Around Him Donald Trump Election 2020 Featured Politics Top Stories Videos

Trump was also asked about his statements to George Stephanopolous about accepting disparaging information on his campaign rivals from foreign agents. The president says that everyone agrees he was correct in what he said, although no one has agreed and, in fact, even his own FBI director has said that’s illegal, and that everyone knows not to say anything illegal to him because he loves this country so much.

‘I think it was accurately stated and I’ve had a lot of support…nobody’s going to present me with anything because they know how much I love this country.’

He also said that he would listen to any “dirt” offered but also turn it in to the FBI, but only if the information was untrue. He also said once again that he talks to foreign leaders all the time and cannot tell them that they can’t say bad things about his opponent, which means he’s still conflating the actual point.

‘I’d do both [listen and report them to the FBI]…if I thought anything was incorrect or badly stated…[but] if they say “we don’t like your opponent,” what am I supposed to say to the president of France?’

The hosts proceeded to fully agree (surprise) and to say that Democrats would be angry if he reported dirt on them to the FBI and that they have influenced elections by reporting things to the FBI in some kind of crazy twist on the entire story. Doocy insisted that “if you did call the FBI with dirt, wouldn’t the Democrats accuse you of using the FBI?” and Ainsley Einhardt accused Democrats of turning information over to the FBI in order to weaponize them, “it’s such a double standard, because they actually did it!” It was surreal moment in cable network “news.”

The president also went on to bash Hillary Clinton over emails because he cannot manage to say anything without insisting that someone named Clinton did worse and to call Nancy Pelosi a criminal. For the full interview, see video below:

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