Trump Wages Full-Scale Friday Attack On ‘Fascist’ Nancy Pelosi


The fake outrage machine at Fox & Friends has been running at full steam ever since it was reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Trump should be in prison for the numerous proven crimes he’s committed against the United States. In a moment of complete irony and lack of self-awareness, Trump had the nerve to appear on Fox & Friends to say that Pelosi’s statements are “fascist” because he thinks everyone has forgotten his 2016 “lock her up” rhetoric.

Of course, the hosts of Trump’s favorite morning “news” show were in complete agreement, and every point that Trump made is one that someone on Fox News has already made for him in an even clearer indication that the fake news network functions as little more than state media. In the past, it hasn’t been just Fox News guests chanting “lock her up” over non-crimes that Hillary Clinton allegedly committed despite investigations that proved she didn’t, it was Fox News hosts like Jeanine Pirro and Sean Hannity. Yet Trump insisted, and no one on the show laughed, that Pelosi’s recent statements about Trump being involved in a cover-up is fascism.

‘It’s a fascist statement, it’s a disgraceful statement. I call her ‘Nervous Nancy,’ she’s a nervous wreck.’

According to Trump and Fox News, fascism occurs when a president is held accountable for his statements and actions, obstruction of justice isn’t a crime but being opposed to a president committing crimes is fascsm, and Democrats hiring an American business to finish opposition research that turned up crimes by a presidential candidate is taking information from foreign government. It’s truly Bizarro World over at Fox & Friends and, even more frighteningly, in the White House.

Trump’s major complaint is about oversight, since “every day, somebody gets a letter” of subpoena from Congress, which is “death by a thousand wounds” and totally “unfair” to him. Oversight, by the way, is the job of Congress.

Nancy Pelosi has said that when Trump refers to her in a negative light, or anyone else, for that matter, he’s really just projecting his own insecurities on to others, adding that she feels “really sorry for him.”

‘What he does is he projects. Like when he says Nancy’s a mess, that means he’s a mess. When he says Nancy’s nervous, that means he’s nervous. He’s always talking about himself no matter who the subject of the sentence is.’

For the full interview, see video below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube