Trump Goes Ballistic After MSBNC Report About His Lies: ‘TOTAL LOSERS!’


Innocent men tend to not have to yell at the top of their lungs or type in ALL CAPS to convince people, and in fact, that kind of behavior is usually a clear sign of guilt. So why does Donald Trump continue ranting on the internet every time the media reports the truth about his lies while in office?

Trump is currently wigging out over the media on his Twitter page, and it coincidentally coincides with this Friday report from MSNBC:

Naturally, Trump couldn’t care less what is said about him because what does an innocent man care about rumors?


Instead, he went total toddler temper tantrum and posted the following on his social media account just moments ago:

People on Twitter instantly pounced at the chance to clap-back at the president. We saved the best responses Trump got to his post below: