Trump Retweets Anti-Muslim Extremist & Gets Exactly What He Deserves


The president hates Muslims. Everyone knows that. He literally created the country’s first (because it’s unconstitutional and racist) ever Muslim ban that ensured brown people from the Middle East could not enter the country. Any time a Muslim commits a crime, you can count on Trump to be one of the first people to issue a public response, whereas if a white person commits a massive act of terror, it may not even get a mention.

So it comes as no surprise that Trump would retweet a post from the U.K.’s most hideous loudmouth, Katie Hopkins. For someone who arguably resembles Nanny McPhee, Hopkins doesn’t even pause when attacking people based on their appearance, religion, nationality, and/or race. Instead of taking a much needed look inward, the bigot shows the ugliness in her heart, as if the world doesn’t have enough of it.


This is the tweet that has everyone furious:

People commenting on Trump’s tweet were not very happy to see that the president is following a known anti-Muslim extremist. He also seems to be completely unaware that two stabbings and one shooting would be a good night in many American cities, like Chicago or Detroit.

Check out what people had to say to Trump here: