Trump Spreads Weekend Lies On Twitter Like An Old Man With No Soul


It’s almost presidential election time again in the United States. It’s amazing how fast time has gone by, but 2020 is coming fast. Today, Donald Trump took to Twitter to kick-off his (Twitter?) 2020 Preview. First, he tweeted an announcement of a kick-off 2020 campaign rally on Tuesday in Florida. He has begun using Keep America Great! as opposed to his previously-used Make America Great Again! slogan.

Since no one in the main steam media wants to call it like it is, we will: Trump is a goddamn liar and he uses his lies cleverly for a multitude of reasons; to cover of crimes, to walk-back his stupid comments (like this weeks’ comments on gladly accepting foreign “dirt” on political opponents), the list goes on an on.

‘A new Quinnipiac poll published Tuesday evening also showed many Democratic contenders besting Trump in head-to-head matchups, including Biden (by 13%), Bernie Sanders (by 9%), Kamala Harris (by 8%), Elizabeth Warren (by 7%), Pete Buttigieg (by 5%), and Cory Booker (by 5%)’ – THINKPROGRESS.ORG

No different than his typical rhetoric, he’s been posting bogus approval ratings the past week, supposedly showing a slow jump in his overall approval score. The reality is that, yes, 2020 is coming. Another fact: There are Democratic contenders who already have way higher marks than he does. This spells preemptive trouble for the super-unpopular president. And, he knows that… hence the heavier war with Iran drum beat and his spin machine of lies that is seeing a more aggressive take this past week (in almost all Trump-related areas; polls, attacks on political rivals, distractions from the Mueller report, the list is seriously endless).

Here’s Exhibit #7,429,516 of Trump’s spin machine from today, hard at work:

This is yet another lie.

From Associated Press:

‘The president is vastly exaggerating what has been a mild improvement in growth and hiring. The economy is healthy but not nearly one of the best in U.S. history.’

On his claims that “the U.S. economy is growing almost twice as fast today as when I took office,” AP notes:

‘Growth was slow in 2016, at 1.6 percent, but just a year earlier, in 2015, it was 2.9 percent. The economy may have expanded at a roughly 3 percent pace last year, which is healthy, but not much faster than just three years before. We don’t know the exact figure for 2018 because the 35-day partial government shutdown has delayed the release of fourth-quarter data.’

Good try, Trump. Even social media knows this pretend president is full of… well, you know.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.