Trump Tries To Plug Upcoming ABC Interview & Fails Miserably


This past week, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos spent what had to be an agonizing 30 hours with Trump in order to put together a special interview that is set to air this Sunday. During the course of that time, the two spoke of all sorts of things, including UFO’s, apparently, but the one thing that has shocked pretty much everyone on the planet was when Trump admitted wholeheartedly that he would accept dirt on his opponents from foreign governments and might not alert the FBI.


Since then, Trump and his entire staff, as well as his die-hard followers in Congress, have been scrambling to explain that statement away, but they are having very little luck as Democrats are getting closer and closer to an impeachment decision. Trump isn’t making himself look any better for it, either — he’s been ranting about it on Twitter for days now.

He just can’t seem to stop, and tonight he made it even worse for himself while trying to hype the upcoming interview. He wants everyone to know that he “enjoyed” his time with Stephanopoulos, but couldn’t help trying ONCE AGAIN to explain away his damning statement and blame the “fake news media” for all of it.

Sorry, Mr. “President,” but only the most idiotic of your base are still buying what you’re selling right now, and the reactions prove it.

Look at what the Twitterverse had to say tonight:

Sunday’s ABC News program is sure to have the highest ratings ever, and I’m willing to bet money that the “president” will be bragging about that immediately after it airs. He literally told us in his last tweet of that thread to “enjoy the show!” My popcorn will be ready, but it won’t be because he’s the greatest “president” the world has ever seen, as he likes to remind us. No — it will be because I can’t wait to watch him admit to the world that he has no problem with collusion.

Featured image via screenshot.