Trump Tweets Sunday Morning Gibberish & Gets Humiliated In Seconds


TBS’s comedian Conan O’Brien has a cigar-smoking character that some people enjoy called the Insult Comic Dog. Enough viewers must like it for the puppet to remain around. Four years ago, Donald Trump rode down the escalator at Trump Tower to announce his run for the presidency. People thought it was a joke, but like O’Brien’s Insult Comic Dog, POTUS not only stuck around, he insulted his way to the top. Today’s tweets show what is next.

The man who should be thinking about a potential crisis with Iran and the Hong Kong million-strong protests had something else on his mind. He was congratulating Fox News ‘Pete Hegseth and Jenny Cunningham on their engagement:

Congratulations to great guy Pete Hegseth and wonderful Jenny Cunningham on their engagement. They will have a fantastic life together!’

Then, the commander-in-chief tried to mock his way out of something else that has been on his mind: impeachment. He has mentioned the “I” word more often than anyone else:

‘Yesterday was the Radical Left Democrats big Impeachment day. They worked so hard to make it something really big and special but had one problem – almost nobody showed up. “The Media admits low turnout for anti-Trump rallies.” @FoxNews “All around the Country people are…….’

The president wanted to remind the people that he was not just a good or great president, he was the “greatest president since Ronald Reagan.” Where did he get that quote? He was watching the event on television, and picked it up from a counter-protester:
‘…..saying enough. Democrat voters want to hear the politicians talking about issues. This is a huge distraction and will only help Donald Trump get elected.”@JedediahBila “Greatest President since Ronald Reagan” said a counter-protester. LehighValleyLive’
Twitter followers doubled over in laughter. Check out some of our favorites below: