BREAKING: Federal Building Hit By Heavily Armed Shooter


The Earle Cabell Federal Building in Dallas, Texas was just hit by a heavily armed shooter who appeared to have been firing at random. The suspect was caught on video running away from the building and taking cover behind an SUV.

According to Fox 4:

“A man who fired shots at the Earle Cabell Federal Building in Downtown Dallas is dead.”

The report continued:

“FBI officials said officers from the Federal Protective Service shot and killed 22-year-old Brian Isaack Clyde after he opened fire on the federal building on Commerce Street. No one else was hurt.”

Witness Harmon Turner gave this description of events:

“I seen the gentleman coming out from the back of McDonald’s shooting at random. It sounded like he had an assault rifle. As I proceeded coming from another block, I started running when I found out pretty much what’s going on. And I tried to warn people and tell them there’s a guy down there shooting. When I did look back that’s how I knew he was heavily armed. He had an assault rifle. His face was kinda masked up. And when I seen that I was just in shock. I ran.”

Another witness, Alan Wyatt had this to say:

“I heard what appeared to be three gunshots and I was sitting having coffee, watching TV. I jumped up with my dog and cracked the window open from the fourth floor and I saw the gunman standing at the entrance to the courthouse and he was blowing the front entrance out. There were two guards that popped out of the garage and then he then turned the gun and fired into the garage. I don’t think he hit anybody and then he just kind of took off.”

FBI officials just held a press conference: